Artificial Intelligence

Historical intro to AI planning languages Not only Machine Learning drives our autonomous cars

This is my 2nd publication in field of Artificial Intelligence, prepared as a part of my project inΒ AI NanodegreeΒ classes. This time the goal was to write research paper about important historical developments in the field of AI planning and search. I hope you will like itΒ πŸ™‚.

Planning or more precisely:Β automated planning and schedulingΒ is one of the major fields of AI (among the others like: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and more). Planning focuses on realisation of strategies or action sequences executed by:

  • Intelligent agents β€” the autonomous entities (software of hardware) being able to observe the world through different types of sensors and perform actions based on those observations.
  • Autonomous robots β€” physical intelligent agents which deliver goods (factory robots), keep our house clean (intelligent vacuum cleaners) or discover outer worlds in space missions.
  • Unmanned vehicles β€” autonomous cars, drones or robotic spacecrafts.