Face Id

Yesterday there was another big day for Apple. During their “Special Event” (The first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater) we could see new Apple Watches, TV and iPhones, including the most advanced and desirable – iPhone X.

Among all new awesomeness: edge-to-edge screen, Neural Engine (piece of hardware dedicated for Machine Learning computations) or Animoji, there was something that can be the bigger revolution than we could think.

Face Id

Thanks to Face Id we will be able to unlock our device just with our face. Face recognition will replace Touch ID, fingerprint based authentication method – also for Apple Pay. Really complex hardware powered by machine learning solutions will keep our device and our money safe.

Will it work and be reliable enough? We’ll see in next months.
But there is something else worth noting. For the first time, secure device won’t ask us for authentication. There will be no instruction to place your finger or provide your pin/password. Instead, in most cases, iPhone will do it for us, automatically.
Such a small UX thing, but such a big change. You will need to do absolutely nothing and still, you will feel safe and secure.

Of course, probably there will be hacks and imperfections. But the first step toward password-free future was already made. And again, nature did a job for us, making each person unique.

WWDC17 The most important announcements in Apple world

WWDC17, the 3rd most important product/technology conference of 2017 happening in Silicon Valley (McEnery Convention Center in San Jose).
After Facebook F8 and Google I/O, this time we could see Tim Cook and the Apple’s team showing us what’s new and what the future holds for us in the world of Macs, iPhones, smartwatches and other  products. If you didn’t have spare 2hrs of your time to see Keynote, let me walk you through the most interesting things presented this year. Continue readingWWDC17 The most important announcements in Apple world