RecyclerView animations – AndroidDevSummit write-up

RecyclerView Animations and Behind the Scenes – One more time we’re going back to this presentation. It’s a fact that list views (or more generic – collection views) are the most common used view patterns in apps, across all mobile platforms. So that it’s very important to know them as well as possible.
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InstaMaterial – RecyclerView animations done right (thanks to Android Dev Summit!)

We live in times where apps have to be not only useful but also smooth and delightful. Times slightly different than a couple years ago where all we had to do was just notifyDataSetChanged() on ListView adapter. Screen just blinked, new data appeared and that’s all.
Today, in a times of RenderThread, MaterialDesign animations and transitions app should show exactly what’s happening. User should see when data from his collection just changed or when something new appeared or/and was removed.

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