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Augmenting the reality

Two days ago Apple released iOS 11 (I wrote about it more in my summary of WWDC 2017). One of the big new features was ARKit – a new framework for augmented reality experiences. If you haven’t had a chance to get familiar with this, either as a developer or end-user, here is an amazing demo showed during WWDC:

Unreal Engine demo by Wingnut AR – Augmented Reality studio led by Sir Peter Jackson

Impressive, isn’t it? But Augmented Reality isn’t only about games. Together with iOS 11, IKEA released their IKEA Place app. So now you can literally see how new furniture would look like in your home.

If you want to see many other examples, follow @ARKitweekly. There are countless examples of games, tools, animations and other virtual extensions to our world.

Of course, Augmented Reality technology isn’t only Apple’s product. There are a lot of companies building solutions around it. Do you remember Google Glass? Yes, this project is still alive and is doing really well with its Enterprise Edition. Companies like Boeing measured a huge increase in productivity and quality of their products thanks to augmented reality:

We also cannot miss HoloLens. The leader in Mixed Reality technology, as Microsoft calls its product, also spread to the professional world. Latest news – Microsoft and Ford partnership:

And there are many other examples – AR as a treatment and therapy for phobias, or new service in real estate market to digitally tour homes and properties.
And my favorite use of this technology – AR to bring new experiences into classrooms thanks to projects like Google Expeditions.

How do you extend reality around you?


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