Building high-performing engineering team

How to make your team effective

A couple of years ago, Google and it’s re:Work team published results of the study about what makes teams high-performing. What was the important takeaway? It’s not about who do you work with, but how do you cooperate as a team.

Psychological safety was called the most crucial dynamics that drive a team’s efficiency the most. It’s more critical than work meaning, or the impact we have on society. Feeling safe makes us more resilient, open-minded, and confident. According to HBR, the roots of it hide in our nature. The evolution developed our brains in a way where every threat is responded with fight-or-flight reaction. Each situation that we aren’t comfortable with results with narrowing the perspective and shutting down analytical reasoning. And the psychological safety is here to help with that.

It all sounds great, but now you can think — who should lead the change? What can I do to improve the psychological safety of my team? Those things don’t have to come from the very top. Actually, you, the team leader or even a senior software engineer, can have an impact on the psychological safety of teammates.