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How VUIs change our lives Voice user interface, a great step in mobile-first to AI first transition

A couple days ago Google published the 2017 summary of their voice-first solutions: Google Home (hardware) and Google Assistant (software). And it seems that the new way of how we interact with the technology knocks on our door. With “Google Home usage increased 9X this holiday season over last year’s”, and one Google Home Mini sold in each second since its premiere, it’s become clear that voice interfaces are slowly going out of an early adoption stage and they’ve begun to settle for good in our homes and minds.

But what is so revolutionary in VUIs and what are the real benefits of having voice-controlled devices around?

Random thoughts

Year in review 2017

2017 is over. Was it successful for me? Definitely! Probably one of the best years of my life. Why? Here is the list of things which I’m really proud of: