Android Dagger 2 PerfMatters

Dagger2Metrics – measure performance of DI graph initialization

A couple months ago we went through possible issues with Dagger 2 – graph creation performance. Thanks to TraceView tool we can see exactly how much time is needed to initialize all requested dependencies. But it’s not easy – we have to find places in our code to start and stop measuring, dump results and analyze them in Android Studio. To make it bit easier, I’ve prepared simple library which can help with catching potential performance issues.

Android User Interface

RecyclerView animations – AndroidDevSummit write-up

RecyclerView Animations and Behind the Scenes – One more time we’re going back to this presentation. It’s a fact that list views (or more generic – collection views) are the most common used view patterns in apps, across all mobile platforms. So that it’s very important to know them as well as possible.
Today based on AndroidDev Summit presentation we’ll look closer at RecyclerView items animations.