InstaMaterial concept (part 2) – Comments window transition

This post is part of a series of posts showing Android implementation of INSTAGRAM with Material Design concept. Today we’ll implement transition between feed and comments Activities (showed between 9 and 13 second in concept video). We’ll skip buttons effects (ripples, send-complete animation etc.) and focus only on enter and exit animation for comment’s Acitvity.

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Instagram with Material Design concept is getting real

A couple months ago, after Google presented Material Design – new design guidelines for mobile and web both, designer Emmanuel Pacamalan created concept video showing what Instagram for Android would look like after aplying Material Design rules:

While it’s only graphic prototype some people started to wonder if it’s possible to implement this in a real application in the relatively simple way. Well, it is. And not only on devices with the latest Android OS – Lillipop. The truth is that we can achieve most of showed graphics and animations effects for a couple years, since Android 4 was released.

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MultiDex solution for 64k limit in Dalvik.

Almost every Android developer knows sad true – Dalvik, Android’s virtual machine used by applications and some system services has one major limit – single .dex file (bytecode interpreted by Dalvik VM) can have only 64k (exactly 65536) methods.

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